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Col·loqui IMTech a càrrec de Sebastià Xambó a la FME

Artificial intelligences and mathematics
Nov 09, 2022 from 12:15 PM to 01:15 PM
Sal d'Actes FME
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Col·loqui a càrrec del Professor Sebastià Xambó (UPC).


Title: Artificial intelligences and mathematics

The aim of this talk is to overview various forms of algorithmic learning (mostly those based on artificial neural networks), their current achievements, their mathematical underpinnings, and their likely trends in the next few years. The deep tensions inherent to polarities such as brain-mind, biological-artificial, scientific-industrial, academic-corporative, and their inevitable impact on the understanding of human nature and society, will be considered.  In the last part we will present some of the ideas that seem more promising to move significantly closer to effective models of intelligence and the roles that mathematics may play in this evolution.

Note: Slides will be in English and the oration in Catalan.