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Past PhD Theses

Thesis defended after the start of IMTech in October 2020


AuthorTitlePhD ProgramAdvisorYear
Arnau Planas b^m-Symplectic manifolds: symmetries, classification and stability Applied Mathematics Eva Miranda 2020
Cédric Oms Global Hamiltonian Dynamics on Singular Symplectic Manifolds Applied Mathematics Eva Miranda 2020
Marta Bofill Statistics and Operations Research Guadalupe Gómez 2020
Arnau Messegué Computing Carme Alvarez 2020
Yovaninna Alarcón-Soto Data Science in HIV. Statistical approaches for therapeutic HIV vaccine data Statistics and Operations Research Guadalupe Gómez, Klaus Langohr (UPC)  2021
Oscar Rivero Arithmetic applications of the Euler systems of Beilinson-Flach elements and diagonal cycles Applied Mathematics Víctor Rotger 2021
David Codony  Mathematical and computational modeling of flexoelectricity at mesoscopic and atomistic scales Applied Mathematics Irene Arias 2021
Jordi Vila Low and high-order hybridised methods for compressible flows Applied Mathematics Antonio Huerta, Matteo Giacomini 2021
Ernest Latorre Active Superelasticity in Three-Dimensional Epithelia of Controlled Shape Applied Mathematics Marino Arroyo, Xavier Trepat (IBEC) 2021
Andrea Acebedo Deep learning system for the automatic classification of normal and dysplastic peripheral blood cells as a support tool for the diagnosis Biomedicine (UB) José Rodellar, Anna Merino (UB) 2021
Paula De La Lama Zubirán Solving large-scale two-stage stochastic optimization problems by specialized interior point methods Statistics and Operations Research Jordi Castro 2021
Roisin Mary Dempsey Braddell New Geometrical and Dynamical Techniques for Problems in Celestial Mechanics Applied Mathematics Amadeu Delshams, Eva Miranda 2021
Francesca Gatti Special values of the triple product p-adic L-function Applied Mathematics Víctor Rotger, Xavier Guitart (UB) 2021
Jordi Roca Embedding problem and characterization of Markov matrices  Applied Mathematics Marta Casanellas, Jesús Fernández 2021
Caterina Tozzi Mathematical and computational modeling of membrane-protein interactions Applied Mathematics Marino Arroyo 2021