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IMTech Colloquium by Lai-Sang Young (NYU) on November 24, 3pm (online)

The speaker of the IMTech Colloquium will be Lai-Sang Young (NYU), a leading figure in dynamical systems theory and applications.
IMTech Colloquium by Lai-Sang Young (NYU) on November 24, 3pm (online)
Lai-Sang Young

Lai-Sang Young (NYU) will speak at the IMTECH Colloquium on Wednesday November 24 at 3pm (online)

Title: Chaotic and random dynamical systems

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Lai-Sang Young is Henry & Lucy Moses Professor of Science and Professor of Mathematics and Neural Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (New York University)

She is Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study.  

Her research Interests lie in the area of Dynamical systems theory and applications:
    -Geometric and ergodic theory of chaotic systems
    -Connections to probability and statistical physics
    -Computational modeling and theoretical neuroscience

In this talk she will talk about Chaotic and random dynamical systems

 Abstract: In this talk I will compare and contrast chaotic (deterministic) dynamical systems with their stochastic counterparts, i.e. when small random perturbations are added to model uncontrolled
fluctuations. Three groups of results, a mixture of old and new, will be discussed. The first has to do with how deterministic systems that are sufficiently chaotic produce signals that resemble (genuinely random) stochastic processes. Next I will compare the ergodic theories of chaotic systems and of random maps (such as stochastic flows generated by SDEs), my theme being that many results are nicer in the random category. That leads to my final point, which is that in some ways existing theory of chaotic systems requires too detailed information for it to be readily applicable, while a little bit of random noise can go a long way.